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This section provides links to upcoming events that may be relevant to wildlife health professionals. Listed events focus on Australia but also include information on events from overseas.

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«August 2019»


Biostatistics Refresher Course - online

Jan-Feb each year; University of Sydney

The Biostatistics Refresher Course is delivered online in the period of January - February each year.
Click here>> for more information on the course and how to enrol.
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Epi in the Valley - Diagnostic Tests from Zero to Hero

18-22 March 2019, Yarra Valley, Victoria

This event is supported by the OIE Collaborating Centre for Diagnostic Test Validation Science in the Asia-Pacific Region.

The focus of this workshop will be on the interpretation and validation of diagnostic tests in veterinary science. We will provide detailed coverage of validation alternatives in the absence of a perfect reference (gold) standard, moving from basic principles of test validation and interpretation to latent class analysis, including application to prevalence estimation.

The course will cater for all levels of epidemiological background. Those less familiar with the content area will be gently introduced and show a suite of online tools to make their life easier. More advanced participants can expect to leave the course with a toolbox of code in OpenBUGs and for those familiar with R (not essential) code will be provided to implement reproducible analyses using R2OpenBUGS and similar.

Find out more, including how to register via the EITV2019 Registrations website. Download the flyer here >>

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Workshops with a wildlife focus


WHA and AusVet Animal Health Services have previously run a 3-day wildlife focused Quantum GIS mapping workshop and 2-day Wildlife Epidemiology workshop.  These workshops were both a great success, not only providing participants with new skills but also an opportunity to exchange ideas with others working with wildlife in a variety of ways.

WHA will work with AusVet to run further workshops for wildlife professionals, so if you are interested in participating please let us know.  
Click here>> to find out what training courses are currently available from the AusVet website and let us know at admin@wildlifehealthaustralia.com.au which you topics you may be interested in, or even propose your own topic. 
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