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Wildlife disease response guidelines

For AUSVETPLAN disease strategies, please go to Animal Health Australia.

White-nose syndrome, a fungal disease caused by Pseudogymnoascus destructans, has caused significant mortalities of insectivorous bats in North America. P. destructans has not been identified in Australia. These guidelines have been developed by Wildlife Health Australia in consultation with stakeholder groups, to assist response agencies in the event of an incursion of this exotic disease into bats in Australia.


Hendra Virus Testing in Individual Flying Foxes at Necropsy - Information Document

The Bat Health Focus Group has prepared an information document with advice regarding testing of individual flying foxes for Hendra virus. It covers current knowledge, available tests and their limitations, and challenges with interpretation of results. 

This document provides information on white-nose syndrome, a disease that has not been detected in Australia, for people who come into contact with microbats (e.g. bat/wildlife carers, ecologists and other researchers and students, cavers, cave managers, park rangers, members of the public).

National Guidelines for Sample Submission - White-Nose Syndrome - Exclusion Testing

This document provides a framework to assist veterinarians with the appropriate collection and submission of samples to facilitate the exclusion of white-nose syndrome in Australia. 


National Zoo Biosecurity Manual - ZAA website New window icon

WHA Submissions

  •  2017 National Biosecurity Environmental Response Agreement (NEBRA) Five Year Review - Review - WHA submission
  • 2016 Inquiry into the growing evidence of an emerging tick-borne disease that causes a Lyme-like illness for many Australian patients - Inquiry - WHA submission

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  • WHA reports quarterly on wildlife disease events in the publication Animal Health Surveillance Quarterly, produced by Animal Health Australia. Visit the SciQuest library New window icon to read and search WHA reports in this publication.
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