Why Wildlife Health Matters The health of Australia’s wildlife, human health, livestock and the environment are all fundamentally linked.

Wildlife Health Australia operates and maintains the national surveillance program for the health of our native species.  In doing so, we also safeguard against diseases spreading to animals in the environment, agriculture and to humans.

The state of health of our wildlife can also provide indicators of environmental health where other factors are at play, such as the presence of toxins or chemical contamination.

Wildlife Health Australia’s work in maintaining the national surveillance program of the health of our wildlife is vital to protect human health, agriculture, the environment and biodiversity.

In monitoring and sharing information about wildlife health, WHA enables targeted solutions and responses to be developed from a range of government and other agencies.

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Wildlife Health Australia (WHA) leads national action to respond to emerging health issues affecting Australia’s wildlife. Today, you can join us, donate to our conservation projects or follow us to protect our unique and precious wildlife.

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Wildlife Health Australia aims to link, inform and support people and organisations who work with or have an interest in wildlife health across Australia through technical advice, facilitation, communications and professional support.