Disease Investigation Funding

Wildlife disease investigations are often complex and logistically difficult. Funding made available through the NSDI Program and WHA Wildlife Disease Investigation Fund can support elements of field and diagnostic investigations to help achieve a diagnosis, and thereby allow an informed assessment of the risk of the wildlife health event to human health, livestock health, biodiversity and animal welfare. 

As part of the One Health Surveillance Initiative supported by the Federal Government, WHA is administering a One Health Investigation Fund, which will bolster support for multi-sector collaborative field, laboratory and epidemiological investigations into health issues involving wildlife.

NSDI Program
WHA Wildlife Disease Investigation Fund
One Health Investigation Fund

NSDI Program

WHA Wildlife Disease Investigation Fund

One Health Investigation Fund

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National Significant Disease Investigation Funding

The NSDI Program provides funding to veterinary practitioners to investigate and report on significant disease events in wildlife and livestock. The NSDI Program is managed by Animal Health Australia (AHA) and more information on the Program is available on the AHA website.

Funding for disease investigations is available to registered, non-government veterinarians engaged in clinical veterinary medicine, including all veterinarians in university clinics, zoos and wildlife parks.

The NSDI Program can provide funds for veterinary investigations, plus additional funds for laboratory testing.

If you are interested in applying for NSDI funding for a wildlife disease investigation, contact WHA or the WHA Coordinator in your jurisdiction.

WHA email: admin@wildlifehealthaustralia.com.au

Phone: (02) 9960 6333 

Wildlife Disease Investigation Fund

The WHA Wildlife Disease Investigation Fund (WDIF) is a discretionary fund managed by WHA to support field, laboratory, and epidemiological investigation of current or ongoing wildlife disease events, enabling more informed assessment of the risk of the event to humans, livestock and biodiversity. 

Investigations eligible for WDIF funding may be associated with:

  • Mass or unexpected mortalities or morbidities.
  • Undiagnosed or emerging disease threats, syndromes, trends or unusual events.
  • Cases with known or suspected zoonotic potential.
  • Diseases with an expanding geographic or host range.

Support for funding for investigations is at the discretion of the WHA Program Manager - Emergencies, but will be undertaken in consultation with WHA staff and other stakeholders as required. Investigations to be considered for funding may be raised through WHA staff, WHA Coordinators and Environment Representatives. 


Please email admin@wildlifehealthaustralia.com.au for more information.

One Health Investigation Fund

The One Health Investigation Fund (OHIF) is a component of the One Health Surveillance Initiative program being delivered by Wildlife Health Australia. The funding supports a national, criteria-based process for investigations into selected wildlife disease events in Australia, including field, laboratory, and epidemiological investigations, via multisectoral collaboration.

The OHIF enables a robust One Health analysis of disease risks to Australia, as well as enhancing risk analysis in relation to disease risk to livestock, by developing the knowledge base of wildlife health and disease and ensuring the incorporation of drivers of disease emergence (e.g. climate change and habitat loss) into the national understanding. This supports WHA's contribution to and facilitation of regional wildlife health information sharing networks.


The fund supports targeted investigations into selected wildlife health events, threats, and issues in Australia, that promote a One Health focus through:

  • multisectoral collaboration, coordination, capacity building and communication, consistent with the Quadripartite One Health Joint Plan of Action (2022-2026).
  • contribution to knowledge of wildlife health and disease at the point of wildlife exposure and at environment-animal-human interfaces, where there is the most benefit to overall economic outlay, biodiversity and human health.
  • encompassing the full span of potential drivers of disease emergence (e.g. climate change and habitat loss), highlighting the interdependency of the health of the wider environment and the health of humans, domestic and wild animals, and plants.

Projects funded through the OHIF will:

  • Support investigations that enhance the evidence base for interventions on animal, human and environmental health.
  • boost early identification and analysis of emerging risks to human, livestock and environmental health, thereby improving Australia’s One Health early warning capabilities (as well as disease prevention, preparedness and management).
  • support WHA's contribution to and facilitation of national and regional wildlife health information and intelligence sharing networks.


Please email admin@wildlifehealthaustralia.com.au for more information.