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Wildlife Health Incident Reports

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Wildlife Health Australia (WHA) leads national action to respond to emerging health issues affecting Australia’s wildlife. Today, you can join us, donate to our conservation projects or follow us to protect our unique and precious wildlife.

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Wildlife Health Australia aims to link, inform and support people and organisations who work with or have an interest in wildlife health across Australia through technical advice, facilitation, communications and professional support.

Wildlife Health Incident Reports

Every three months, information submitted to the national electronic Wildlife Health Information System (eWHIS) is collated by WHA and submitted to a quarterly publication: Animal Health Surveillance Quarterly (AHSQ). This publication is produced by Animal Health Australia (AHA) as part of Australia's national animal health information program. 

AHSQ contains a section on the main wildlife disease incidents that have occurred around the country for that quarter. 

Publications can be searched in the AHSQ Library, and the WHA Reports are below.

WHA also contributes to Animal Health in Australia reports that are produced annually by Animal Health Australia.

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Wild Bird News

National Avian Influenza Wild Bird Surveillance Newsletter is a six-monthly report presenting information on targeted and general wild bird avian influenza surveillance results generated via the National Avian Influenza Wild Bird (NAIWB) Surveillance Program and National Wildlife Health Surveillance System. NAIWB surveillance summaries are also published in Animal Health Surveillance Quarterly.

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ABLV Bat Stats is a six-monthly report prepared by the WHA Bat Health Focus Group presenting information on Australian bat lyssavirus testing in bats across Australia.