Have you seen unusual signs of disease or deaths in wildlife? Report it to:
  • State/Territory WHA Coordinator
  • State/Territory WHA Coordinator

    Please complete the Wildlife Incident Submission Form and provide to your WHA Coordinator to help them determine the level of response. 

    Contact details for WHA Coordinators can be found HERE.

  • Emergency Animal Disease Hotline 1800 675 888
  • Emergency Animal Disease Hotline

    1800 675 888

    The 24- hour Hotline is a toll-free number that connects callers to the relevant state or territory office to report concerns about potential emergency disease situation. 

    You can use this number to get immediate advice and assistance. 

  • The relevant state/territory department
  • The relevant state/territory department

    The Department of Primary Industries or Agriculture in the state/territory where the event is occurring. 

    Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry website: Biosecurity contacts in Australia

  • Your local veterinarian
  • Your local veterinarian

    Local veterinarians can be a valuable source of information for wildlife health information relevant to the area where they operate. 

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Have you seen sick, injured or dead wildlife?

What to do if:

  • You see sick, orphaned or injured wildlife
  • You find dead wildlife
  • You want safety advice on protecting yourself and the animal. 
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