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Information is available on a number of current wildlife health incidents in Australia, as well as selected long-term health investigations and historic wildlife health incidents. Detailed information is available in the national electronic Wildlife Health Information System (eWHIS).

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Aug, 16 2023 | Historical incidents

Bushfires 2019-20

Advice from Wildlife Health Australia (WHA) for Enhancing Australia’s Native Wildlife Bushfire Response identified by the WHA Bushfires Emergency Response Task Group and provided to the Australian government.

Bushfire emergencies now impacting one billion Australian native animals - 10 Jan 2020

How you can support wildlife during the bushfire emergency - 7 Jan 2020

Information and Resources for Veterinarians, Vet Nurses, Registered Carers and the Community

Supplying water and food for free-living wildlife after natural disasters

Assessment, Triage & Treatment of Bushfire Affected Wildlife - E-Learning module for vets & vet nurses - Taronga Conservation Society Australia

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