Programs and Projects

Rapid and timely access to wildlife health information and a network of wildlife health professionals is crucial to Australia’s decision making.  During a wildlife health incident, WHA works to ensure that response agencies are well supported and people and information are coordinated throughout the response. 

WHA supports Australia's framework for managing wildlife health and disease, allowing Australia to discharge its responsibilities for both national and international disease reporting.  We work to represent the wildlife health community and have established a number of focus groups, programs and projects to help us do this.

Our focus groups and projects improve communication and coordination, provide and receive technical advice, facilitate issue resolution and provide professional support.  WHA helps improve our investigation and management of wildlife health issues.  The products and services provided by WHA assist in limiting the deleterious impact of wildlife health and disease on natural ecosystems, human health and primary industries, resulting in ecological, economic and social benefits to Australia. 

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